There are epic days in ones history. There are the days that you never want to forget. Some days, you will be amazing! You will be the hero. You will succeed and triumph. You will party ‘til cows no longer exist. You will meet men and women and more and make connections you never dreamed possible.  

Then there are the other days. The days the hard work will never pay off.  You realize you will never be thin enough- those hips just won’t go away. The days when your jokes will never be funny enough for a crowd. When the hair you haven’t cut in 6 months looks shorter than ever…

But the day goes on, and you have fun. You take pictures. You meet people that will stay in your life for years. You smile. 

You have the rest of your life to remember these days. To cherish these times. These are all you really have. Think, remember. Open your senses and remember back to the feelings you felt when you released to the will of the universe, to … 

We are energy. It drives us. It allows us to be.

I react to you.

The neutrons in my  brain fire and I explode in unspeakable spasms of life.

I love. I believe. I am. 

I am grateful.

I feel you there. Energy never dies. Positivity mutiplies and spreads. It’s the choices we make - don’t be selfish.

Remember to feel.

The Rolling Stones, Wild Horses. It’s playing.

My feet are cold. The door to the patio is open, 33 degrees. Letting fresh air in, but my music stays inside because I’ve disguised my ears with headphones. Mick Jagger is dreaming you right now in my ears. He has freedom, but he don’t have much time. Talk about tears. I love being existential. I can here my neighbor on his patio. My mother says he’s attractive. She’s half Jewish on her fathers side (Nani was Native American of Cherokee decent).

And off this wild hair floats with the wind, across the balcony and over the pool. See the ripples on the water? 

I miss you…




Hard core lovin’


I miss. The bitch.


Always look down when you walk.


This is not my photo, but it describes my life at this moment. Thank you.


"Like bread that’s too big for the toaster, I’ve asked to be torn in half."


It’s as if I’m in Wonderland and 5 x 4 = 17. How will I know if any way is my way?


The illusive Christmas Chow emerges for just one month out of the year.


Baking is addictive and gosh darnit, I happen to be good at it! Bacon laced Gingersnaps on Tuesday and PB&J Thumbprints today. Why did I start this? Pictures to come. I


A Christmas bomb has exploded all over my house!